Ask, I'll answer in complete honesty


  1. the person i like and why i like them.
  2. a famous person i’ve been compared to.
  3. 5 things that irritate me about the same sex/opposite sex.
  4. the best thing that has happened to me this week.
  5. weird things i do when i’m alone.
  6. how i’d spend ten thousand bucks.
  7. things i like and things i don’t like about the way i look.
  8. my last night out in detail.
  9. something that makes me sad when i think about it.
  10. something i’ve lied about.
  11. would i rather be stranded on a desert island with someone i love for ten years or someone i hate for a month? explain why.
  12. something i’m currently worrying about.
  13. one person from tumblr i’d throw off a cliff, one i’d marry and one i’d fuck.
  14. something i do without realising.
  15. lyrics that apply to my current situation/mood.
  16. a drunken story.
  17. something i regret.
  18. to do list.
  19. post a picture of myself.
  20. my longest relationship and who it was with.
  21. press ctrl v and post.
  22. post a bit of my last IM convo.
  23. 5 things i want to change.
  24. my view on being tumblr famous.
  25. someone i’d like to be for a day and why.
  26. 5 things within touching distance.
  27. story of my first kiss.
  28. an embarrassing/socially awkward situation i’ve found myself in.
  29. something i’m not proud of.
  30. the last argument i had.

Bored with life. I’ll answer all tbh.

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